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H.C. Westley

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Friends Only [02 Jul 2010|01:31am]
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Pandora's Box? [03 Oct 2005|11:52pm]
I hate to do this, really. I hate to do this because I predict that this will be all that we see on our friend's page for the next couple of pages. But, it's been done before and I've never done it myself and I think I'd like to do it now.

This is just a filler for right now. I plan to update before I leave Barbados. And I leave Barbados Thursday afternoon. So until then, I have much more seafood to eat and many more people to frolic on the beach with. Because apparently that's what I do?

But anyway!
Ask me any three questions anonymously or non-anonymously. They can be about anything. I will answer them.

I'm just curious to see if anyone will actually ask me anything.

Oh, and join ac_bored I'd put this there but more people need to join the sub-community.
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